Cooked & Peeled prawns

Peeled prawns (pandalus borealis): Single and double frozen, IQF in bulk.

The raw prawns (Pandalus borealis) are caught in the North Atlantic Ocean. The prawns are produced in factories located in Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Norway. The factories all maintain very high standards, and produce superior quality prawns. The factories produce both double-frozen and single-frozen prawns.
Our main suppliers from Canada primarily produce single-frozen prawns.

Cooked & peeled prawns (pandalus borealis) are produced all year.

Frozen cooked & peeled prawns are sold by our subsidiary company:

Northcoast Seafood A/S has offices in Dronninglund, Denmark and Grimsby, UK.

Nicholai Karlshøj

CEO Northcoast Seafoods A/S

Product: Peeled prawns, frozen scallops


Skype: kangamiut-nicholai

Phone: (+45) 98847403

Mobile: (+45)

Martin Jacobsen

Senior Sales Manager

Product: Peeled prawns, scampi


Skype: northcoast-martin

Phone: (+45) 98847434

Mobile: (+45) 20239907

Mia R. Bundgaard

Sales Manager

Product: Peeled prawns, scampi


Phone: (+45) 98847435

Mobile: (+45) 30647445

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